Mellow 450c thermistor

Mellow 450c thermistor

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“High temp thermistor.

Klipper temp info:

temperature1: 25

resistance1: 4721000

temperature2: 200

resistance2: 8000

temperature3: 400

resistance3: 264.6

You may also wish to set  check_gain time to a higher value, but this is usually not required.


[verify_heater extruder]

check_gain_time: 40

# This controls heater verification during initial heating. Smaller

# values result in stricter checking and larger values allow for

# more time before an error is reported. Specifically, during

# initial heating, as long as the heater increases in temperature

# within this time frame (specified in seconds) then the internal

# “error counter” is reset. The default is 20 seconds for extruders

# and 60 seconds for heater_bed.”

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Dimensions 8 × 2 × 1 cm

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