Deez tungsten carbide nozzle spacer / extender

Deez tungsten carbide nozzle spacer / extender


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A cast then fully machined, fully Tungsten Carbide, high flow spacer with flow boosting geometry.

This product is a collaboration between Noctus3D, Printyplease, West3D, and Alex. Please buy from your local vendor if you live in germany, UK or USA.

We’ve designed a simple yet powerful little spacer allowing you to increase the length of a v6 nozzle to fit in a volcano block, whilst boosting flow at the same time! High flow, abrasive printing is now possible and all without worrying about cost or quality.

The pictures don’t do them justice. They are beautiful. We’ve kept our QC standards extremely high to make sure the threads, bore and mating surfaces are as precise and pretty as possible. You won’t need to be tapping your heater block for these, just screw in with an alen key (hot tighten please) and start printing!

Featuring a * style bore, which increases surface area in contact with the plastic, and reduces the distance to the nozzle itself from the centre of the plastic, leading to higher melt capacity.

it is recommended that you do not use a TC nozzle with a TC spacer

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