Noctus3D Nozzle wrecker Speedboat race

Hey folks! To celebrate the launch of our new Tungsten carbide nozzles, We are having a competition!
The competition is similar to the speedboatrace, except all entries must use filled filaments. 
Filled filaments include CF, wood, glow in the dark, stone, metal, glitter

Remaining stock from batch 1:

Nozzles are now available for preorder for our second batch here:

Most wrecked nozzle prize: 1kg Noctus3D CF-Nylon, Volcano Hotend, Noctus3D TC Nozzle
First Prize: 500g Sunnyfilament PCCF pro/Max and Noctus3D TC Nozzle
Second Prize: 1kg Noctus3D PLA- CF
Third prize: High temp toolhead for your printer.

How to enter:
Post your full video to youtube or instagram, and post a link in the #nozzle-wrecker channel on our discord.
You can join the discord here:
Entries close on July 20th

The competition will be judged on aesthetics, choice of filament, and speed, with a bonus prize for the most destroyed nozzle.

The print must finish 
The maximum nozzle size is 0.6mm 
The maximum layer height is 0.25mm 
You may combine infill every other layer 
You must record the whole print 
You must use 3 top and bottom layers 
You must use 2 walls and 10% infill 
The finished print must be dimensionally accurate (within reason)
No restriction on motors
There must be a timer/clock shown in the video to verify it is done in real time.

NB: Shipping is not included, and will be arranged after the competition closes.

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